Our company

We are Jet City Information Technology; located in Seattle and serving the Pacific Northwest since 2005.

Our staff consists of individuals with computer science, network administration and project management backgrounds.


Our mission is to streamline the corporate move process for our customers.

Every move is unique in it's own way. Jet City focuses on identifying potential issues, participating in the coordination process and ensuring move scope is met as scheduled.


We love being part of a successful project.

There are three phases for each move; pre-move planning, move day(s), and post-move support. We enjoy bringing positive solutions and a cooperative spirit to every phase of the process; beginning to end.

Why we what we do

There is a community at work within this industry, and it is important to us that our work reflect positively for our moving partners, and that our customers feel that they have invested well in our service.

Alex Hrycenko

Alex Hrycenko

Owner, Technical Director, Jet City IT

Alex has 20 years experience in the IT industry with a focus on facilitating desktop and server moves. He has performed small business support and network administration services for several companies prior to focusing on corporate relocations.

Simone Hrycenko

Simone Hrycenko

Owner, Sr. Project Manager, Jet City IT

Simone has an extensive history in project management and planning. She was worked on projects in a number of critical facilities and is dedicated towards project success.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Lead Technician, Jet City IT

A tech junkie at heart, Andrew has a passion for the industry. He started with Jet City IT in 2013 and quickly proved himself as an outstanding technician and a natural project manager. Andrew knows how to get the project done right.