Jet City Information Technology
Technical Relocation Services to Simplify your Move

We are Jet City Information Technology

 Seattle Washington

Serving the Pacific Northwest with technical support and corporate relocation services since 2005. We customize our services to meet you technical relocation needs.   Our staff consists of individuals with computer science, network administration and project management backgrounds.

Computer Disconnect / Reconnect Service
 Jet City IT streamlines the relocation process and allows the client to remain productivity

Server Relocation
Moving your data center with minimal downtime: Our experienced technicians will unrack and rerack your servers to meet client specifications. 
IT Support Services
Let Us Help: Pre and post-move technical support to ensure a successful and worry free move.

Our mission is to streamline the corporate move process for our customers.

Every move is unique in it's own way. Jet City IT focuses on identifying potential issues, participating in the coordination process and ensuring move scope is met as scheduled.